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The MANAGER Door Overview

This is also probably the busiest of all the Doors of Entrepreneurship. You’re the boss, the CEO, the problem-solver. You are the first to arrive and the last to leave. Everything that happens in the company is of your concern. Everyone reports back to you. The buck stops with you.

Yet, too many people behind the MANAGER door misunderstand this concept, and think that they have to do everything. That’s not what it means. You are responsible, yes, but you hire people so that they can do the work for you. Your role as a manager is to manage your people to achieve the results you want, not do all the work at getting the results yourself.

One thing to remember about the MANAGER door is that you can only be an efficient manager if you have less than six people reporting directly to you.

Here's What You Can Achieve with This Module

  • Learn and implement workable strategies to become an effective manager
  • Learn how to delegate effectively to achieve desired results
  • Build systems that will help you scale your business
  • Design applicable and measurable KPIs for your employees

Course Curriculum

Tutorial 2: The Art of Delegation
Tutorial 3: 9 Steps to Systematizing Your Business
Tutorial 4: Building Your Employees' KPIs
Tutorial 5: How to Run Productive Impact Point Meetings

What's Included?

5 Texts
Business Growth Specialist & Business Advisor

About the Instructor

Maresa Ng is a Passionate Entrepreneur who helps business owner grow their business to a stage where it is commercial and profitable and can continue to work without them. Maresa has worked with thousands of business owners and she has been turning around businesses since 2008. She was a corporate and investment banker, but now she is the leading Business Growth Specialist & Business Advisor in South East Asia. She always believes, as entrepreneurs, you can have Great Quality of Life through Great Business! #greatbusinessgreatlife

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