Have A Solid Business Foundation with Massive Results

Level-Up Your Business Program Overview

This Digital Learning and Virtual Coaching Program aims to help YOU (entrepreneurs and business owners) to create a solid foundation where immense growth can be piled on, without shaking the core of your business. This 9-week module will teach you everything you need to know to up-the-ante in your business, and help you get ready for massive results. In this program, we have condensed Maresa’s intensive 1st Year 1-1 Coaching Program into 9 powerful modules, with downloadable workbooks, so YOU can get it done yourself.

If you are a
  • Seasoned entrepreneur, but unable to get the best of your life while being in business, YOU NEED THIS.
  • New entrepreneur, START HERE. So you can avoid all the silly mistakes others had gone through.

Here's What You Can Achieve With This Program
  • Understand how successful entrepreneurs handle challenges
  • Understand what motivates you and how changes are made in your life
  • Learn how to remove the chaos in the business and start building a stable business foundation
  • Explore systematic and proven ways to grow your revenues and profits
  • Plan and systematize your business for further expansion opportunities

Course Curriculum

What's Included?

33 Videos
1 Text

What others have been saying about this course:

Anna Lu

Learn at your own time and space

I like the fact that I can do my learning online. I can consume the videos at my own time and space. The virtual coaching sessions are excellent session as a follow up to the digital learning and it keeps me accountable to what I needed to work o...

Adrian Seow

Powerful information and easy to understand!

The information I learnt is very valuable. If you think you can't have a Great Business, Great Life, then you're wrong. You definitely need to find out more about this course. I also love the fact that this is an online course. You can watch the v...

K Nantha Kumar

The right path to entrepreneurship

"Level-Up Your Business". Very enriching class, well-structured and organized. The teaching methodology via digital & weekly online meet-up to improve thought process at each level is really amazing. The way it was constructed really motivate...

Samuel Ganasagaran

Level Up Your Business

It was great. So much of knowledge and sharing on business. As someone with no business background, this is like a quick overview for me and even taught me the few major functions in business like sales, marketing, operations, customer service, sy...

Business Growth Specialist & Business Advisor

About the Coach

Maresa Ng is a Passionate Entrepreneur who helps business owner grow their business to a stage where it is commercial and profitable and can continue to work without them. Maresa has worked with thousands of business owners and she has been turning around businesses since 2008. She was a corporate and investment banker, but now she is the leading Business Growth Specialist & Business Advisor in South East Asia. She always believes, as entrepreneurs, you can have Great Quality of Life through Great Business! #greatbusinessgreatlife


Not too sure whether you have a solid business foundation for massive business results? This program can help you to set things right!